Inquiry Letter

Make Inquiry Letter

Inquiry Letter is a letter of inquiry asks someone for specific information. In some cases, such as a request for promotional material, the recipient will have a clear interest in responding to your letter. In other cases, such as a request for specific information on a product, the recipient may or may not be as motivated to respond quickly.

Format of a Letter of Inquiry

Follow this format in writing a letter of inquiry :
a. In the first paragraph, identify yourself and, if appropriate, your position, and your institution or firm.

b. In the second paragraph, briefly explain why you are writing and how you will use the requested information. Offer to keep the response confidential if such an offer seems reasonable.

c. List the specific information you need. You can phrase your requests as questions or as a list of specific items of information. In either case, make each item clear and discrete.

d. Conclude your letter by offering your reader some incentive for responding.

Sample Inquiry Letter



Sukamaju Baru, Tapos – Depok 16955



3th December,2012

PT.Computing, tbk

444 Jln. Raya

Jakarta, 16451

Dear Sirs,
When we bought a personal computer in your store a few months ago, we are very happy to use that tools. Especially the computer equipment such as monitor, printer, central processing unit ( CPU ) and others.
Our company as a whole using that tools. Therefore we would like to offer to cooperate with your company. Can you send the list price of the product your network? Obviously we are very happy if we can buy the equipment we needed in your company.


Ragiel Hadi Prayitno

Director of the Company

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