Order Letter

March 27, 2013

Sukamaju Baru, Tapos – Depok 16,955

Subject: network devices

Please send the following items from the catalog sales
dated March 10, 2013:

ITEM                        # CATALOG            QTY                  PRICE

Cisco Router           CR-0011B                  3                    $ 11,000

Switch                   SW-0135A                4                      $ 110

UTP cable               UTP-0125C              2                      $ 95

Goods orders above should be sent C.O.D. to this address:

PT.Network Computer
Jln. Mahony Kingdom 303
Bogor 16,000

Costs reflect the discount 50/10, the net due in 30
days after the invoice date. The merchandise will be shipped
for the sake of your own company truck line at the rate of 7 per cent of
total net cost.

We are remodeling our office network and has a target completion date of April 20, 2013. If there is any reason you see that you can
keep your part of this schedule, please let me know


Hadi Ragiel P.

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